Are You A Mover Or A Mower? (Take the poll)

Pardon me! Excuse me! Sorry! Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Sorry? Pardon Me? Excuse Me?

Why? Why am I the one saying it?

Okay, so I know why. For me, it’s just instinctive to respond this way when I bump into someone. Others do too, of course. But not all. Just as it’s instinctive for me to move out of the way for oncoming pedestrians. But not for some.

One day, not long ago, my husband and I went to a beautiful, popular touristy place. A shopping center of sorts. No vehicles allowed. Just hundreds of people milling about. Much like this photo you see. We walked to one end and back, just enjoying the day and each other.

It was on our way back that it occurred to me that, every time someone came toward us, we were the ones to move out of the way. In fact, it seemed like we spent more time apart than together. It finally became so noticeable as to be comical. Whether one person or a group, we gave them the right of way. Why? Is it instinct, learned behavior, politeness, or fear of being mowed over? Interesting food for thought if someone cares to delve into this on a deeper level. (Hey, people have studied less impressive things!)

Mentioning this to my hubby, I suggested we play a game of chicken (unbeknownst to the crowd). Our silly sides took over, and with childish glee we linked arms. “Whatever you do, don’t veer off the path. Just keep walking straight,” I say. Now, let’s see who moves.

So we start walking. I try not to giggle too much as, much to my surprise, people move out of OUR way. Ha! One after another. Is it our confidence, our steady pace, our united front that has others moving for us? Hmm, whatever it was, it was fun to be the recipients for a change. Finally, WE rule the walkway!! teeheehee

At the end we drop our arms and laugh as we head to our parked car. (And don’t you know, it happened again! lol)

So, here’s my question to you…

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