Does Your Teen Have A Seasonal (Fashion) Disorder?

Whether you’re exclaiming, “Whew, it’s hot out!” or, “Brrr, it’s freezing!”, there’s always going to be that someone that’s feeling the opposite. But come on, isn’t 110°F hot to everyone? Or 10°F below cold to everyone? Okay, so maybe you’re ill. You have my sincere sympathy, then. Truly! But what I’m talking about are regular ol’ healthy folks. Teenagers (in my experience).

Every year, every season, I see those teenagers who dress for the opposite season. You may have seen them too. They wear knit caps, winter boots, those fluffy ski jackets on the hottest days. In the winter they bare half their body while wearing skimpy little outfits: shorts, tanks, flimsy dresses (made for summer), etc., all while standing at a bus stop, with 5 inches of snow next to them, for half an hour. I personally know some of these kids – and they do own hats, gloves and coats!

Just recently, you may have seen my earlier post about the air conditioning not working at work, we were all just baking.  It was as stiflingly hot inside as it was outside…96°, and in walked a teenage girl. She was very pretty and had on an awesome outfit, but my eyes bugged out. She was wearing long sleeves under a thick, quilted, vest/hoody. We all looked at her like she’d just lost her mind! That poor girl was going to fall over from heat exhaustion! The day before that, a coworker saw another girl wearing a thick hoody with the hood on. Why?

When you first see these kids, your initial reaction might be to chuckle and shake your head, “Teenagers!” You may think them stupid or ignorant, or blame it on peer pressure and trying to look cool. But then, if you’re like me (parent or not), you become very concerned for them knowing they are minutes away from ending up in the hospital. How cool is that going to look when they’ve got heat stroke or hypothermia and are sick as a dog. Whose going to see them looking “cool” then?

Even my own kids, I’m almost positive, have done this. Not in the summer, but winter. You know, you send your kids out the door admonishing them to put on their coat, gloves and hat only to find out they’re stuffing them in their bags at the bus stop. I probably did it too. Though having grown up in Wisconsin, I would have only dared take off my gloves and hat. lol

Again, I ask, “Why?” Okay, so this isn’t an actual disorder, but it’s certainly a curiosity to me that teenagers think making a radical move will be cool, that they won’t suffer health related consequences, and that they’re impressing peers who probably couldn’t care less. It’s even sad to think they’re willing to suffer extreme discomfort for these reasons. If only they could look ahead and realize that loving themselves has nothing to do with fashion, and that real friends will take you for who you are, not how you look. If you really want to impress others, be your best self – and do it for you, no one else.

Well, this wasn’t a very jesty post, but it was on my mind. Let me know what you think.

Love to all the teenagers out there. Be yourself, and stay cool! 😉



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