The Latest Nonsense In My Life

Life wouldn’t be the same without those odd moments, would it? Well, I’m having my fair share this week:

Being tortured with Christmas music at work. Celebrating Christmas in July. For Pete’s sake, one is enough to handle!

I saw Elvis. Then fast-paced it around the corner so he didn’t see me cracking up at his slicked down, shiny, black dyed hair, and ginormous sideburns. He asked if we had sunglasses. lol

Our newer model washing machine tries to fake me out and pretend it’s done. Clothes don’t rinse and I have to set it for redo. It also makes a haunted weezy sound. Where was this thing before we got it?

Our Dish box decided it had had enough when my husband turned the power off to fix a light. We lost all of our saved movies and shows: Days of our Lives, Mountain Men, Alone. And the pause doesn’t work. Now I miss stuff when I have to get up to go to the bathroom. Grrr And the light still doesn’t work! 

I thought I’d stay in my pj’s all day. Why not? Of course UPS decides to show up today to deliver that ring I accidentally bought. Really!

I’ve got a chicken baking in the oven. Smells good. Well, it did. I put it in a pan with no cover thinking to cover it with foil, but no! I’m out of foil! Now it’s splattering all over inside. Every loud pop and sizzle sends another bout of smoke into the air, and now my house is hazy! The air is on so I can’t even open up to air the house out!

I started the day thinking I would post random, silly polls. I quickly changed my mind. All that time wasted! You’re welcome.

That’s it for this particular moment. The week isn’t over yet, though. Perish the thought.

2 thoughts on “The Latest Nonsense In My Life

  1. Yeah, and I’m sitting on the deck, trying to accompany a little Robert Windpony solo on my newest Native American flute and failing because I’m a little buzzed, busy polishing of the last of the Grand Marnier from the liquor cabinet. Still, there’s something to be said for retirement!

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